vivero sustrato fertilizante acuaticas Aquatic Nursery
fertilizante acuaticas nenufares loto




Equivalent Grade 10-16-10 (with a higher content of phosphorus and nitrogen than common fertilizer).
Has micronutrients and slow release components.
Net content: 250 grams
Provides complete and balanced nutrition of plants
The highest content of phosphorus, promotes continued growth and proper development of roots.
Improving the overall health of the plants, enhancing the color of the leaves.
The number and size of flowers.
Turn prolongs the flowering period.
NOT cause algae blooms.
NOT toxic effects for fish and other aquatic wildlife.
Recommendations for use:

5g apply every 3 liters of substrate is approximately 1 time applications in the spring, 2 during the summer and 1 in autumn. Wrap the paper dose. Putting fertilizer deeper and away from the neck of the plant. It is covered with substrate and pressed to prevent fertilizer from being released into water.