Vivero Acuatico


macetas para acuaticas
Paila fibrocemento Miniestanque Cement pots:
Can be used as containers of mini ponds for confined spaces (balconies, terraces.) And also to cultivate in them Lotos and some species of water lilies. Are waterproof. The sizes available are 35, 60, 80, 100 cm. Approximate Depth: 25 cm
canasto para nenufares Water Lillies plastic baskets:
The container is suitable for successful development of water lilies. Allowing the growth of the roots by their sides, resulting in further development of the vegetative and increased flowering. They are lightweight and easy to use in the pond. Partial shade are coated substrate to contain the colors are varied, over time tends to blend into the background.

Also available, complete kit for planting water lilies in basket, substrate and adequate fertilizer.