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Cuidados de Peces Estanque


Both species are omnivorous diet, eat balanced meals in flakes, but also feed on aquatic plants (oxygenated mainly) and some floating roots. The tents if they are more fed, can feed even the floating species.


They also eat mosquito larvae, dragonflies, water fleas, crustaceans, tadpoles, algae. By feeding the fish with commercial food, it is important not to feed too much is taken as feed, what they eat for 5 minutes. Excess uneaten, it rots and generate foci of infection.


Food is daily or every other day in spring-summer, in winter, fish reduce their metabolism, so you can eat only 1 time per week.


In both cases it is important oxygenation, this is accomplished by recirculating the water with a small waterfall. It should be noted here too, the population density.


No need to overpopulate the pond. It is estimated that a comet of 10 cm in length at least 50 liters needed to live comfortably, and a carp of 40 cm long, about 500 liters of water required.


The natural protection of fish, given the floating leaves of different plant species (especially water lilies, hyacinths and also sprouts).


These leaves protect the fish from the summer sun, thereby also regulating the water temperature by shading. Being also a place of concealment, under attack from their main predators are birds (benteveos and kingfishers, mainly)


The depth of the water environment, should also be considered. A depth of 60 cm, helps the fish to take cover in the background before the frost, which arrive in our winters frost surface. This also helps in the summer to protect themselves from high temperatures.

Water Conditions:

While the controls are not as routine as in aquariums, as it seeks to develop natural areas, we can say that in general the ph. the water should be neutral or slightly alkaline, haunting values ​​of 7 to 7.5.


Water changes should never be rude, you must replace the water part, thus preserving the flora and fauna developed bacteria in the environment.


In summer, if necessary replace with fresh water, the volume evaporated.